Bluebell Photoshoot

A Bluebell Photoshoot in Bristol, UK

Why book a bluebell photoshoot in Bristol?

A bluebell photoshoot in Bristol is one not to be missed. This annual blooming of seas of blue is quite an attraction at places around Bristol every year. In addition to the outstanding beauty, a benefit of photography outdoors is the naturalness of how people behave, especially children. So, If you like natural, fun images of your children a bluebell wood is the perfect backdrop. In addition taking your children to visit a sea of bluebells is one of the most wonderful things you can do with your child.


In addition to family photography you can also opt for maternity photography. Maternity images can be so natural in this setting because of the soft lighting, Also the photographer can be creative with light and create striking images. Consequently, All sessions are bespoke and your preferences are discussed in your pre-consultation to ensure the photographer captures images that you will love.

When are the bluebells out in Bristol?

The Gorgeous woodland displays of Bluebells start to appear in April. They look like carpets or seas of blue and last usually until the end of May each year. In Bristol we are blessed with amazing bluebell woods so close to the city at LEIGH WOODS (you can find out more by clicking on the link).

At Leigh Woods you can have your very own photoshoot of your family with Lisa Victoria Photography.

What sessions/Ages are bluebell woods photo sessions suitable for?

Maternity, Babies from sitting upwards, Families are all excellent choices for an outdoor session. Relaxed, fun and natural images will be created in a beautiful setting. Children will be happy to play and captured on camera without even realising it.

A full or mini session? What is the difference?

A full session is your own private 1 hour to an hour half session where we can explore a variety of spots, have a picnic, play with the flowers, a ball or your ride bikes, whatever your family like to do. A full session will result with a very full image gallery of a wide variety of images. You can book a full session at a day and time suitable for you.

A mini session is 30 minutes and restricted to one specific area of the woods. (The photographer will shoot 4 or 5 mini sessions in one day, you will book a timeslot).

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Not from Bristol? To find bluebell woods near you click HERE