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Baby Photography during the coronavirus : everything you need to know

As a professional baby photographer, I'm here to explain the changes to newborn baby photography due to the coronavirus. I am here to support new parents get beautiful photographs of their baby during lockdown.

If you are a new parent or expectant mother this guide highlights the changes to baby photography because of Covid 19 and how I can help you.  There a few options for you highlighted in this blog.

Please get in touch anytime if you would like to chat - I would love to hear about your pregnancy or new baby.


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When can I book a newborn baby photoshoot ?

Outdoor baby photoshoots can take place in the UK with all photographers in England, Scotland and Wales.  I cover Bristol and the South West, including Bath with social distancing measures from your garden or my own private location (you may have heard of doorstep photography).

Read my section below on outdoor photos to see how more advanced my doorstep photography is to incorporate newborns.

As of 15th June, I am allowed to photograph in your home wearing PPE and keeping 2 meters apart. For now, I am conscious of the safety of your family and the new baby. So, where possible I take as many photographs of your family outdoors. In some cases, you can be indoors with the windows and doors/patio doors open and I can photograph from the outside looking in.

Indoor and studio photoshoots opened on 15th June with strict hygiene measures and PPE. The photographer has to stay 2 meters apart. This means your baby can't be posed by the photographer but you will be guided on positioning.

Every photographer will have different guidelines. This blog highlights Lisa Victoria Photography’s policy in line with government guidelines for England.

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Indoor and studio baby photography during lockdown measures


Great News, as of 15th June, 2020 It is safe to take baby photographs in your home following government guidelines.

This covers Portrait studios and photography in your home in England opened on 15th June, 2020. Wales and Scotland are under different guidelines.  All photographers follow strict COVID 19 guidelines for photographers to protect your family.

If you book a photoshoot with Lisa Victoria Photography you will also receive a free photography guide to help improve your own photos whilst you wait for your professional photo shoot.

If you are concerned about and indoor photoshoot I advise waiting until your baby is 7 weeks old and smiling for a natural outdoor baby photoshoot.

The guidleines were updated on June 15th to allow a photographer to come to your home for your baby photoshoot at a social distance. (England only at the time of writing)

For natural newborn photographs, I do not need to touch your baby. Studio posed photography will likely require the photographer to pose your baby. Again please check details if you decide to book another photographer. I will not touch your baby or go any closer than 2 meters even after the lockdown is lifted.

At Lisa Victoria Photography, I take newborn photos up to 12 weeks old, after this you can book a family photoshoot.  Your baby will be full of character and smiling from 7 weeks so do not feel worried about waiting.

Summer photos and Autumn family photoshoots will also be a lovely opportunity to capture your little one.

Outdoor newborn baby photoshoot

If you would like to book an outdoor baby photoshoot you can book now. There has been a craze currently called ‘doorstep photography’.  My photoshoots are more advanced and expand to take photos in your garden adhering to social distance measures.

I will capture lifestyle photographs of your family and close up portraits whilst guiding you on positioning etc. If you do not have a suitable garden you could choose a quiet outdoor location for the photoshoot.

Doorstep photography is authorized under government guidelines in England.

I can capture the most beautiful photos exactly the same as I do indoors. We need to time the session based on the weather so it isn’t too cold for your baby. We would set up blankets to capture the photographs so they look like the portraits in my baby galleries or we can incorporate your garden.

Outdoor photography locations of outstanding beauty for your photoshoot

I have access to a few secluded locations just outside Bristol that are very safe and extremely quiet. I have a private field outside my house in Failand, Bristol. where I can guarantee there will be no one else around. The field is currently full of yellow buttercups!

You could also book a mini outdoor maternity photoshoot at a discounted rate - £150 for 3 photos. 30 minute socially distanced photoshoot.

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Social distance and safety measure for photographing babies during coronavirus outbreak

Your baby’s safety is paramount to Lisa Victoria Photography and the following guidleines will be adhered to ensure this safety.

  1. All photoshoots will be taken from 2 metres away or further.
  2. Your photographer will not carry out a photoshoot if they or any members of their family have been unwell or show any covid 19 symptoms. They will wait 2 weeks before conducting any photoshoots.
  3. If you, the client or one of your family members has covid 19 symptoms they are to wait 2 weeks before re-booking a photoshoot.
  4. All photoshoots are safe outdoors without PPE and indoors at 2 metres apart with PPE and windows and doors open.
  5. Any blankets the photographer provides will be washed after every photo session.
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