Blossom Photo shoot

A Spring Blossom Photoshoot in Bristol, UK..

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Spring! hooray it’s finally here and time for Blossom photography?

After a long and wonderful search for blossom trees (not in people’s gardens) I found the perfect one to photograph families from Bristol.  In a little village just outside Bristol called Long Ashton. Blossom trees are everywhere in Bristol,  and I still have a few more to visit.

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What colour clothing is best to wear for a Blossom Photoshoot?

I really recommend taking the time to plan your families clothing for a blossom photography session, to get the best images for your family.

For a Blossom session you can choose to either wear subtle colours or striking, contrasting colours. You will probably know already if you are a person who loves strong bold colours or subtle accents. Also take a look at my examples in this Blog to help you.

My category of subtle colours includes most pastel shades but in particular, creams, pinks and blues.

Strong bold colours include deep pinks, rich purples or Yellow (The complimentary colour of purple).

Little accents of colour can also be added with hairbands, hats and accessories.

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When is the blossom in full bloom?

The blossom starts to appear on trees in early April and reaches it peak at the end of the month. All trees are different, cheery trees blossom before apple trees. The blossom on Magnolia can only last 2 weeks sometimes so timing is crucial.

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