Lavender photoshoot in the Costwolds near Bristol & Bath

A Spectacular Lavender Photoshoot in the Cotwolds, UK..

Wow, What is there not to LOVE about Lavender photoshoots?

My family photo shoots are taking place this year at Cotswold Lavender Fields.  Just a short ride from Bristol & Bath you will find a field of lavender in full bloom from June. The lavender field opens up for visitors to enjoy the spectacle on special days, serves cream teas with lavender jam and even lavender ice cream to keep the children happy!

The lavender field is such a tranquil place with the most amazing wildlife to keep the children interested! I have photographed children looking at butterflies, crickets, bees and ladybirds; all found nestled amongst the lavender. Children are very happy here, and that is very certain. It really is the best time to book your Bristol family photographer. 

Lavender photo shoot family Bristol

What colour clothing is best to wear for a Lavender Photoshoot?

I really recommend taking the time to plan your families clothing for a lavender photography session, to get the best images for your family.

For a Lavender photography session you can choose to either wear subtle colours or striking, contrasting colours. You will probably know already if you are a person who loves strong bold colours or subtle accents. Also take a look at my examples in this Blog to help you.

My category of subtle colours includes most pastel shades but in particular, creams, pinks and blues.

Strong bold colours include deep pinks, rich purples/reds or Yellow (The complimentary colour of purple).

Little accents of colour can also be added with hairbands, hats and accessories such as a toy aeroplane or wands.

I am absolutely thrilled with the photography outcomes and my families are too. The colours are so pretty and uplifting so make a wonderful background to all images. You can achieve light and airy images through the day and soft, rich colours in the early morning and late evening.

Lavender Photo Shoot Family

When is the lavender in full bloom?

The lavender starts to bloom in June and reaches its peak towards the end of the month/early July

At Cotswold Lavender you can have your very own photoshoot of your family with Lisa Victoria Photography.