Confetti Flower Field Family Photography

confetti flower field family photography

The fantastic confetti flower fields in Pershore, Wick are open to the public for 10 days every year. The stunning flowers are not to be missed. If you are looking for the most colourful and uplifting family photographs book a  professional photographer today.

I am a Bristol family photographer and so excited to offer confetti flower field photoshoots each summer

This web page provides you all the information you need about my photoshoots. I photograph families, couples, branding and pregnancy photoshoots in the flower fields.

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When are the Confetti Flower Fields open?

The fields are open in June or early July every year for just 10 days before they harvest the flowers.

Official Flower fields website link 

You can book your very own photoshoot with Lisa Victoria Photography please get in touch.

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How do I book a photoshoot in the confetti flower fields?

The photoshoot are arranged in time slots of 40 minutes. To book a time slot during one of the opening days please fill out the contact form or call me: 07812747420.

 Please message for a full price list.

I take a select number of bookings every year so if you are keen let me know straight away so I can add you to my wait list for.  The best way to find out these dates is to join my mailing list, facebook page or message me. 

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Confetti Flower Fields Photography

What colour clothing is best to wear for a Flower Field Photoshoot?

I really recommend taking the time to plan your families clothing for a flower field photography session, to get the best images for your family.

You can choose to either wear subtle colours or striking, contrasting colours. You will probably know already if you are a person who loves strong bold colours or subtle accents. Also take a look at my examples in this Blog to help you.

My category of subtle colours includes most pastel shades but in particular, creams, pinks and blues.

Strong bold colours include deep pinks, rich purples or Yellow (The complimentary colour of purple).

Little accents of colour can also be added with hairbands, hats and accessories. If it is hot a hat will be a necessity so make it part of your outfit.

Book Your confetti flower field photography session now

If you would like to book a confetti flower field photo session or ask some questions, I would love to hear from you today, Lisa x