Magical Christmas Tree Farm photoshoot in Bristol

Capturing Magical Memories: Family Christmas Photoshoots at Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm, Bristol

Are you looking to create enchanting memories and embrace the festive spirit with your loved ones this Christmas? Look no further than the picturesque Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm in Bristol for a magical family photoshoot experience!

Come for a truly magical experience at Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm held in November every year.

If you love experiences and the outdoors, this is a perfect photoshoot for you. Wander among the Christmas tree farm to find your gift under the tree.

Have snuggles and cuddles under the mistletoe whilst wrapped up in your warm winter hats.


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A Natural Wonderland: Tucked away in the heart of Bristol, Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm is conveniently located on the outskirts of Bristol. Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm is a winter wonderland that offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable family photoshoot. This family-owned farm boasts acres of real Christmas trees, creating a stunning, natural setting that's both charming and heart-warming.

Whether you prefer a classic evergreen or a unique spruce, these majestic trees will add a touch of enchantment to your family photographs.

There is free parking and acres of Christmas Trees! The trees range from baby size to giant size- As a family, you can choose and reserve your own Christmas tree or purchase one growing in a pot that can be your own family tree year after year.


The Christmas photo shoot pricing

£99 for the photoshoot & 5 of your favourite photos. Beautifully edited and available as high resolution downloads.


The Christmas Tree Farm photo experience

One of the best aspects of a family photoshoot at Frenchay Christmas Tree Farm is that it's suitable for all ages.

Children can delight in exploring the outdoors, reveling in the crisp winter air as they wander amidst the real Christmas trees.

Everyone, can relish the nostalgia and joy of being surrounded by the holiday spirit. It's a place where generations can bond and share laughter, making cherished memories together.

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christmas photoshoot Bristol
christmas photoshoot Bristol

Festive Mini photoshoots are shorter than a family photoshoot and have great offers for print products.

Planning your Christmas photoshoot outfits dress warm, & be cozy

To fully immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and ensure everyone is comfortable during the photoshoot, dress up warm in your favorite coats, scarves, and hats. Let the cozy winter fashion add an extra touch of charm to your family portraits. You might even bring along some hot cocoa to sip on during breaks, further enhancing the warmth and joy of the experience.

Christmas Tree farm mini photoshoot clothing guide
christmas photoshoot clothing guide
christmas photoshoot clothing guide

I recommend wearing either winter coats, hats, and scarves or planning outfits with nice warm jumpers. Most clothing stores start selling Christmas and Autumnal outfits in September. Chunky knits and velvet are a great choice. Keep it close to what you would normally wear as a family, but try to colour coordinate.

I advise no more than 3 colours for your family. One colour themed throughout the whole family works well, this doesn’t mean you all need to wear red jumpers. Someone could have a red scarf/red dress/red hat/hairclip so it all ties in nicely without being too 'matchy'.

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Take a look at my colour scheme guides here for your Christmas Tree Farm photoshoot:
  1. A touch of Red
  2. Chunky Knits- Cream, Mustard Yellow
  3. Sage Green/velvets
  4. Christmas Tartan
bristol christmas photo shoot
bath christmas photo shoot
Photos are the perfect gift for Christmas

Not only will your family photoshoot be an opportunity to create cherished memories, but the photos themselves make wonderful Christmas gifts.

Frame them as a series and adorn your living room with love and laughter, or create personalized holiday cards to send to friends and relatives. A heartfelt family photo is a gift that will warm hearts and spread smiles all season long.

There are some amazing printed baubles available on Etsy and Not on The High Street.


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