Everything you need to know about a bluebell family photoshoot around Bristol & Bath

Who doesn't love spring, the lambs, the birds and especially the bluebells!  I totally adore the yearly spread of bluebells in the woods, I truly think it is a spectacle not to be overlooked and love taking bluebell photo shoots in and around the bluebell woods of Bristol & Bath.

The bluebells appear every year at the end of April and early May and provide the perfect backdrop for your family photo shoot.

Not only this, outdoor family photo shoots are fantastic for capturing natural looking photographs.

family photographer Bristol natural outdoor portraits

'Lisa's photographs are wonderful. She captured the most natural photographs of my children in the bluebell woods. She caught them on camera without them even realising it!'

What time of year are the bluebells out?

Bluebell Photo shoot Bristol

Throughout the UK English Bluebells come out at various times from mid April to May. Bluebells are a naturally occurring flowers native to the UK. You can find them over the world but they are very rare.

You will first see bluebells in people's gardens or parks. Woods are more sheltered so the bluebells often come out later.

Did you know that bluebells are a protected flower? You are not allowed to collect them to sell. To preserve the flower it is always best to stick to the pathways of the forest and try not to trample on them. My camera angles cleverly hide the paths. Everyone is always stood on a footpath.

Best Bristol Bluebell Locations

bluebell photography professional bristol

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In Bristol & Bath we are so lucky to have amazing bluebell woods so close to the city. You can find them in wooded areas including : Leigh Woods , Piors Wood in Portbury and Wrington.

At one of these bluebell woods you can book your very own photoshoot. My photos have been award winning and are published in Vogue Italia, so that you know you are going to get quality photos. Additionally, I’m also a reliable family photographer established for more than 7 years in Bristol.

bluebell family photoshoot Bristol

Suitable for all ages

The family photo shoots are ideally suited for babies from sitting upwards. Families, couples and maternity photo shoots are also possible. The location is excellent for all ages. One bluebell wood is on the roadside, perfect for anyone with toddlers or mobility difficulties.

maternity bluebells

Couples and Maternity

In addition to family photography I also provide maternity photography.  Maternity pictures are extremely natural in this setting due to the soft lighting. I can also be very creative with light leading to striking images. All sessions are bespoke and your tastes addressed ensuring I capture pictures you will love.

What to wear for your bluebell family photo shoot

I really recommend taking the time to plan your families clothing for a bluebell photography session, to get the best images for your family. As a result I have created clothing idea pinterest boards for you. Please use to plan outfits for your family.

Start with a colour scheme for your family. Some options are a subtle scheme or striking. You will probably know already if you are a person who loves strong bold colours or subtle accents.

Plain clothing will be best with small details, rather than patterned clothing.

bluebell spring photo shoot bristol

Choosing a colour scheme for your bluebell photo shoot

Try and pick the whole family colour scheme based around one or 2 colours maximum.

SUBTLE COLOURS: Creams, pastel pink, white, pale blue, lilac, tan, light brown.

STRIKING COLOURS: Bright Yellow, Bright Purple, Deep blue/navy, Peachy Orange.

ACCENTS: Little accents of colour can also be added with hairbands, hats and accessories such as a toy aeroplane or wands.


Free style guide with all bookings

colour scheme

Try and pick the whole family colour scheme based around 2 colours maximum

Dogs allowed

Do you have a family Dog? They are more than welcome to join in

Bluebell Photo shoot somerset

How to book a bluebell photo shoot and how much does it cost?

You may select from a mini or full bluebell photography session. I explain the differences to the photo sessions here.

Complete Photo Shoot Session

A complete session is the personal 1 -2 hour session in which we explore many different spots of the woods. You may take a picnic, play amongst the flowers or ride your bikes.  I find mostly children run off to play hide and seek games. I follow along with with my camera.

Little children will gladly sit and examine the flowers wherever I put them. A complete session will offer a full picture gallery with a huge variety of photographs. You can reserve a complete session on a day and time convenient for you.

family photographer bluebells
child in bluebells photograph

45 Minute Mini Session

A mini session is 45 minutes long and restricted to one specific area of the woods. The photographer will photograph 5 or 6 families in one day. The time will be restricted to a pre-bookable time slot. If you want to update your child’s or family’s photograph this is the perfect option for you.

Your gallery includes approx 20 photographs. You can select 3 or more photographs. Upgrade packages are available including more photographs, wall art and digital files.

Please go to the booking page for more details on bluebell photo shoot. You will find the cost, dates and details.

Blossom Portrait Blue Colour Scheme

Other Flower photo shoots available through the year


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