Themed Fun learning days & My Top 5

Free downloadle PDF pack for parents

During homeschooling, I have created a fun themed days learning pack that I want to share with you. It is an alternative approach to being at-home learning with your children.

I have created 10 themed learning days inspired by books my children love. The packs are designed for preschoolers to approx age 8.

I can recommended the following books to support the learning pack.

Books availabe to buy from Amazon

What is included in the free learning theme pack?

The learning pack includes ideas for themed leanring days with your preschooler to 8 year old?

These are purely suggestions for fun days for you and your children to look forward to during homeschooling. They are just a suggestion as an alternative way to spend your days.

Each day includes links for web, tv and printable worksheets.  I personally get more excited about a themed day rather than a schedule of individual lessons. I like to let the children explore their own ideas to create new themed days that are special to them. They have already insisted on a 'Hamster Day'.


The Learning days are not...

They are not designed to overwhelm or make you feel like you have to do it all. Take what you want from the pack it may even inspire a different outlook on your days.

You could choose to do 1 activity or as many as you like and repeat the day if you have more ideas. .


More Ideas I haven't written up yet! 

Snail & The Whale Day

Glastonbury Day (Yes I had tickets!)

Theatre Day

Cinema Day (Surely a little history of cinema and then binge-watch 3 films? )

Pet Day (My girls have cats and hamsters so it will involve making them beds/playhouses)

Age Concern Day -painting pictures and writing letters for the isolated elderly)

Top 5 Games-age 4-10


We all know playing games are great for learning social skills, counting and reading and sharing amongst many others. If you want to update your games box I can highly recommend our families TOP 5 games.

I really hope you enjoy these fun themed learning days and they bring some joy during your days of lockdown homeschooling. I would love to see some photographs of what you and your children get up to!

Lisa x

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