Maternity Milk Bath Photography Anyone?

 Maternity Milk Bath Photography sessions, Bristol, London and throughout UK

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If you are looking for something different to celebrate your pregnancy.  You may want to consider a Pregnancy photoshoot with a maternity milk bath session? The most beautiful way to capture photographs of your pregnancy.

I am a freelance photographer and travel to your home throughout the UK. You can also rent a hotel room. I start your session with some lovely natural photographs in the bedroom in any clothing you like. When we have captured enough natural pregnancy photos we start to run a lovely warm bath. To change the translucency of the water we add some fresh milk.

I provide the beautiful lace gown in adjustable sizes. I like you to select your own flowers so it has that personal touch.

We delicately place your favourite flowers in the milky water around your gorgeous baby bump. That is how to do a maternity milk bath session.

As a specialist maternity photographer I use clever angles and soft lighting.  This will enable me to create the most dreamy and flattering maternity photos.

professional Maternity Milk Bath Photography

The beautiful lace gown is the photographer’s own and is available for all mums to be. The lace dress is easily adjusted to fit all sized women by gathering at the back.

It may feel a little strange wearing a lace dress in the bath – but it is so flattering and the textures and colours look stunning.

You may also choose to have nude images,  the milky water covers parts of your body to help you remain discreet. The main focus is on your bump and wonderful curves of your amazing pregnant body.

Maternity Milk Bath Photography

Will my bathroom be light enough? It is very small.

Most bathrooms in the Uk are teeny and you will be amazed what stunning imagery can be achieved. The light in bathrooms is nearly always enough with just natural light. The milk in the bath helps to reflect light to create dreamy white tones. So the answer is, any bathroom is good enough for a milk bath session.

Alternatively some women have hired beautiful hotel rooms for a night and turned the occasion into a special babymoon. If you would like to find out if your bath tub is suitable for a maternity milk bath please get in touch.

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Which flowers work the best?

I prefer to use real flowers over artificial. Artificial flowers sink and well quite honestly they don’t have a beautiful smell. I think the best part is selecting flowers that you love and are very special to you. For example- You could use the same flowers that you had on your wedding day. The only thing I would recommend is to stick to no more than 3 different colours for your colour palette.

Milk Bath photography with your Baby

Why not extend your milk bath to include your baby?

Babies from newborn to 6 months is recommended. After then they get too wriggly and splash you!  As soon as they are able to sit unaided they are ready for their own milk bath alone.

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