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Your guide to bristol Maternity photography

Your guide to everything you need to know when looking for maternity photography in Bristol. Pregnancy is simply amazing and worth remembering with the most flattering maternity photographs.

In Bristol you're spoilt for choice with some amazing specialist pregnancy photographers, and it's important for them to make you feel even more amazing and beautiful whilst your baby grows inside you.

Picking a Pregnancy Photography expert in Bristol

When choosing your Bristol maternity photographer I recommend considering the following.

  • Make sure you see their maternity photography portfolio and like the style of photographs.
  • Try not to let price be a deciding factor. You will only get the chance to record your pregnancy once so ensuring you have photographs to love forever is a priority.
  • Contact your local Bristol maternity photographer for a chat, they would be more than happy to answer any questions about the maternity photoshoot experience.

Lisa Victoria Photography is an expert at lighting the female pregnant body to capture you at your very best.

I am so proud of the beautiful maternity photographs I have taken of pregnant women over the years, every shape is wonderful and the natural curves of a female body with the added gorgeous bump make for wonderful photographs.

Styles of Maternity Photography

A maternity photography Bristol session has so much to offer in the way of styles and locations. Your maternity photographs can be taken in your home, outdoors on location or a studio backdrop can be brought to your home for that personal pregnancy photo shoots at home.

Lisa offers the most styles of maternity photography in Bristol and discusses them here.

maternity photography bristol outdoor
Outdoor Maternity Photoshoots

For an outdoor photo shoot you have a choice of stunning locations in and around the Bristol area or your home. I can recommend places based on the time of year.

Outdoor sessions are perfect if you want something really natural or you have an unwilling partner.

It involves taking a stroll at an amazing local landscape, whilst I will unobtrusively photograph you from a distance.

During different seasons there are so many wonderful options to choose from;  please check out my seasonal Bluebells, Blossom, Autumn, Lavender & Beach photoshoots.

indoor natural maternity photoshoot
Natural pregnancy photography

Many women want do document their pregnancy woth the most natural pregnancy photographs. Incorporating your home, bedroom, or living room can really set the scene for natural images.

Many women opt for this natural style plus Maternity Art so they have a nice variation if images to choose from. View the natural maternity photography gallery here.

maternity photography art
Maternity photography Art

Maternity art is all about celebrating your body with the most flattering light. Stunning studio style Artistic black and white images can be created in your living room- all equipment is brought along to your session.

Dramatic lighting that shapes your body to emphasize your bump and is so flattering for the rest of your body! A truly stunning way to capture your amazing pregnant body.

You will be guided through the most striking poses designed to focus on your pregnancy curves and flatter the areas you least love. Do take a look at the Maternity Art gallery here

clothing milk bath photoshoot
Maternity Milk Bath Photography

This very exciting new style of photography involves you relaxing in a beautifully warm bath, with added milk and your favorite flowers.

Your home bath will be used and any size bathroom is suitable as long as the bath is white. The images are so pretty and show the bump perfectly.

What to wear on the Maternity Photoshoot

Everyone is different and specialist pregnancy photography is tailored to your tastes this will be different for everybody. I always recommend you start your photoshoot in your own clothes, it is a good idea to have a nice natural photograph of you fully clothed that you may want to share with friends and family.

After that you can choose to wear different outfits or start to reveal your bump. I have a selection of maternity gowns, some with a slit in the middle to reveal your gorgeous bump.

Many women choose to have photographs in their underwear and may buy something new or you can wear pre-pregnancy underwear (it is almost certainly going to be too tight but is bearable for a few photographs and usually lifts the bust brilliantly!

maternity what to wear

Choosing Clothes for your Maternity Photo Shoot

outdoor natural maternity photoshoot
Outdoor Maternity Photoshoots

The colour you will wear will be very dependent on the location and season. To show your bump it is advisable to have a tight-fitting dress or top around your tummy.

Plain clothing is less distracting, so I always recommend avoiding patterns when possible. Your current favourite outfit is always a good choice. You can layer with cardigans and jackets over a tight-fitting outfit and will still be able to see your pregnant body shape.

Indoor Natural Maternity Photoshoot

The beauty of a home maternity photography Bristol session is you can have all clothes on hand for changes as much as you like.

I recommend you start with clothing you feel comfortable in and love, leggings, blue jeans, shirts, vest tops, dresses, crops tops, and cardigans are all good options. For an out home pregnancy photoshoot your photographer will start with natural images in your home.

indoor natural maternity photoshoot
show your bump
Showing off your bump without being nude:
  • Roll up a vest top or wear a boob tube.
  • You can wear bra and knickers with a cardigan over the top. (some women have worn their pre-pregnancy underwear, it can be a little tight but bearable for a few minutes, it gives you a great boost)
  • Even when some women choose to go nude, They keep their knickers on- I recommend pretty lacy ones, thin straps or nude knickers.
Studio style elegant Maternity photographs

If you're keen for a high glamour maternity portrait, there are beautiful specially made maternity gowns.

Your maternity photographer will have a few gowns and dresses already and you may also purchase your own. Contact your Bristol maternity photographer to find out more.

studio style elegant maternity
natural milk bath maternity photo
Clothing for a maternity milk bath photoshoot

Your photographer should have a range of lace gowns in sizes to fit all.

It's important that the contrast, or at least lack of it, between the milk bath and the garment, is correct to provide a smooth transition.

I absolutely love taking Milk Bath maternity photos!  check out my gallery especially dedicated to them.

don't forget your partner...

If you have a partner who would like to be in the photos ask them to wear plain clothes - black, white, navy, grey, cream are all good colours.

If you want light and bright photos get them to wear pastel paler colours rather than black and navy.

From experience, Jeans / shirt / tshirt / trousers all work well.

dont forget dad

When to Book your Maternity Photoshoot

Ideally book your maternity photo shoot some time after your 20 week scan to ensure a date is available. If you are past this date please don’t worry, most Bristol maternity photographers will be able to fit you in so as not to miss this wonderful opportunity. Maternity photography is not something that should be missed!

The best time for a pregnancy photo shoot is different for every woman, I advise to go ahead as soon as your bump is nice and round anything from 26 weeks onwards and just before the end of your pregnancy.

booking a maternity photoshoot

Can my Maternity Photo Shoot include my partner and/or children ?

Many pregnant women choose to have images on their own or with their partner. If you have children already, they are always welcome during the session.

Your maternity photoshoot is entirely bespoke allowing you to select a style which you love, with the help of your pregnancy photographer.

The photographs I take are about your relationship, so I often get you to look at each other, cuddle, look at your baby scan photographs and interact rather than posing for the camera.

If you already have children there is nothing sweeter than involving your children for a photo of your child cuddling your bump.

summer pregnancy photo shoot bristol

Pregnancy photography posing tips

Your Bristol maternity photographer is a specialist on posing the pregnant woman. She will guide you during the photo shoot. Here are a few tips to help prepare you for your pregnancy photo shoot.

  • Legs - Your photographer will help to make your legs look longer with their choice of lens. When posing you will be asked to bend your leg to add shape to the pose. You should always bend the leg closest to the camera. (Don’t worry as your specialist maternity photographer will guide you throughout your photoshoot)
  • Bust - If you are of fuller bust always together your bra straps. This will lift your chest away for you tummy allowing more emphasis on your body shape and baby bump.
  • Back - Always straighten your back when in a standing pose- it is so much more flattering and can instantly make you look leaner. It will enhance a smaller bust and lift a larger one.
  • Stand - When standing you will posed to stand on the side and gently twist your torso to face the camera. This position is much more flattering than standing facing front on.
  • Feet - When the feet are on show always try to point them down. If you are standing you will be asked to raise the foot closest to the camera onto the front of your foot, This creates a very elegant standing pregnancy pose and shape up through the body with a bent leg.
maternity photoshoot props

Maternity photo shoot prop ideas

Props are not necessary for a pregnancy photo shoot, however, here are some options that can be used and produce great results.

  • Baby Scan photographs - You may want to include your baby scan photos in a photo. If you have a nursery it is also nice to have a couple of photographs taken there - maybe holding some teeny clothes you have purchased especially.
  • Newborn baby clothes - photographs holding your baby’s newborn clothes or booties can look very cute. I have also photographed parents to be in their baby’s nursery that they have lovingly prepared.

Please check out my "Maternity photoshoot prop ideas" board on Pintrest for some great ideas.

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Maternity Photo Shoot Slideshow

A special maternity photoshoot video slideshow, of your maternity photos is included with all deluxe photo packages. The use of selected photos, coupled together with some lovely music can be treasured for years to come.

natural milk bath maternity photo

Jenna Fulford

Maternity Photo Shoot 2020

It takes a special kind of photographer to capture moments that you'll cherish for years to come, and that photographer is Lisa. At 35 weeks pregnant, Lisa came to my home to capture some natural and studio style shots of me and my baby bump.

She made me feel so comfortable throughout, capturing precious memories I'll cherish. I can't wait to show our little girl when she's old enough.

We will certainly be using Lisa in the future, and I'll be recommending her wonderful work to everyone.

Photo Shoot on Location

maternity photography bristol location

I love taking maternity photo shoots on location; either at the home or a special place the couple love to visit.

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