Top 5 things to do with your baby in Bristol

Top 5 things to do with your baby in Bristol

Newborn baby Photoshoot Bristol

I am a mum of 2 girls who are now aged 4 and 6. As my youngest starts school I have found myself reflecting on the whirlwind of my 6 years of having a baby/pre-schooler at home. I am sharing my wealth of knowledge from being a stay at home mum. Having a Baby in Bristol is amazing. There are so many things you can do for free and everything you could possibly search for you will find in Bristol. Did you know you can even do baby reflexology? I had a colicky baby so went on this course to help soothe my baby.

1. Take Photographs

I am a real memory lover and savour everything as it happens and also love to preserve what is no longer. Photographs are my number 1 Love. During the crazy early stages of finding your feet with a newborn, you may not remember the tiny details. Try and book a professional newborn photographer at least once during the new-born stage (up to 3 months old) and again when they are toddling- this time won’t come again. Choices are many, you can hire a specialist newborn photographer to come to your home for a photo shoot or visit a photography studio. Choose your photographer well. Select them for their style before considering price- remember you want to treasure these photographs forever.

Take your own photographs

You could even pick up a new hobby and learn photography, there are inexpensive classes for parents to learn how to use their DSLR cameras. Look for dates for parent photography classes.

camera photography course

2. Create some Keepsakes

Those tiny hands and feet- seriously how cute are they? My girls now hang baubles on the Christmas trees with handprints on from when they were 6 months old. Their own hands now double the size and bigger than the bauble itself. If you can get out and about I would highly recommend a visit to a ceramic painting café. There are 2 ceramic painting cafes in Bristol- Flying saucers and wot pots. Take yourself down and a lovely assistant will help you with a design, using your babies hand or foot. Trust me you will treasure these items for years.

bristol newborn photographer

3. Go shopping- For yourself!

Yes you heard me, when your baby is small they have way too many cute outfits than there are days to wear them but what about you? One beautiful nursing bra, or top or special outfit for that rare one occasion you will be going to in 3 months’ time. Treating yourself to even just one thing that isn’t too tight, overstretched or smells of milk is a perfect little pick me up for exhausted new mums. So, when your baby is still in a pushchair or sling make the most of it- you can forget about it when they are toddlers (shopping trips are game over). Recommended retail shopping with younger babies- The mall Cribbs Causeway (at John Lewis- you can park underground if it is raining and don’t even have to go outside (no rain covers needed) the baby facilities and private feeding rooms are lovely and welcoming you can have a relaxing time feeding without being somewhere unpleasant or uncomfortable.

4. Visit an animal park

The Wild place, Bristol Zoo, Noah’s Ark, Windmill hill city farm, Court farm, Puxton park, Lawrence Weston Farm, Old Down Country Park) to name a few.

Why are they great with a baby? One of the things I loved the most as a sleep deprived mum with a baby was the safe environment. In the summer you can lay your baby on a picnic blanket on the grass and not have to worry about traffic, stray footballs etc. The scenery is calm and relaxing with nature all around. Plus a café on site for that much needed caffeine pick me up. Annual passes are a great way to spend your maternity leave in Bristol without having to worry about the cost every time you visit.

bristol newborn photographer
bristol newborn photographer

5. Go to a baby group

You don’t have to go to loads, but one baby group is great for you as a mum and also for your growing baby. The choices are vast, and you may find yourself going to a few tasters to find one that suits you and your baby. Some groups are noisy and very energetic, if you prefer a quieter group you could try baby massage or baby reflexology. Swimming is also very popular and there are so many options throughout Bristol. There are many amazing child friendly cafes to choose from that also run groups on their premises. My advice is not to commit to too many groups or you will be in constant guilt if you miss them after having only 2 hours sleep the night before.

Meet some mums

Mum’s are a wealth of knowledge so much more than the internet. All mums have a degree in ‘mumhood’ of the stage they have just been in! I can’t offer any advice about where I am now, but I have a wealth of knowledge from where I have just come from ???? so ask me anything from age 0-6 years (after that I am still learning!) Lisa

I know all you probably want right now is SLEEP but I can’t add that to the list because currently there isn’t a sleep centre for mums in Bristol! Oh we can dream….. a spa centre with snuggly beds in dark, quiet rooms and a nursery run by 10 mary poppins on site. ????

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