Halloween Photo Shoot

Halloween kids photo

How to do a cool halloween photo shoot

Halloween photos with young children

Dressing up is fun at Halloween but it doesn't always have to be scary. This blog shows you how to do a fun Halloween photo shoot with your children.

You can create your own fun photos and turn them into a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) The acronym GIF most commonly refers to a short, animated picture without sound.

halloween photo shoot

The box set up

This is one box. An Ikea unit without the shelves inside. The images are pieced together in photoshop. The kids love them and enjoy being creative in each different photo.

Halloween kids photo

Create the GIF on your phone or Tablet using an App.

If you head over to my Instagram you can see this image turned into a GIF by using an App. My children love creating them themselves. adding effects to their photographs.


The VIMAGE App is available to download from Google Play. It is a cinemagraph animator and live photo editor. You can use for free on a 7 day trial but they will have a watermark. It costs approx £8.90 for 6 months premium subscription.

How does it work?

Instructions from VIMAGE= explained much clearer  than I ever could!

Using VIMAGE is easy, intuitive and fun.
1. Open VIMAGE and press the ‘+’ button to take a photo or choose one from your gallery. Feel free to edit your photo before you add an effect to it.
2. Choose an effect you like and that you think suits your picture. We currently have over 100 built-in effects, and we continuously add new ones to the app as we come up with them.
3. Place the effect you choose on your photo. Adjust it as you like – you can shrink or enlarge it, rotate it, change its color, opacity and more.
4. Save your vimage, and you’re good to go. Share it on Instagram or any other social media with just a touch of a button, and let your creativity get all the recognition it deserves.

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