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Everything you need to know about baby photography in Bristol

If you are looking for baby photography in Bristol this page provides all of the information you need to know before making a booking. Baby photography is for capturing your babies newborn stage.  Typically taken within the first 2 weeks after the birth of your baby.

Many photographers will also capture baby photographs up to 12 weeks old when your baby is likely to be more alert with their eyes open, smiling but less curled up like a newborn baby. Premature babies can also be photographed much later too, so never worry that you are too late for baby photographs.

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Which Bristol baby photographer should you choose?

Every Bristol baby photographer has a unique style and talent. Take a look at their portfolios to help choose the style of photographer and baby photographs you love the most. Some photographers use a lot of colour and props and others use more neutral colours like white and cream with minimal props.

The style of photographs should be the deciding factor on who you choose and then your budget.

I say this because you will have these photographs for life, so any amount of money you choose to invest needs to be on photographs you will love in years to come.

Here, at Lisa Victoria Photography, baby photo shoots are tailored to suit your taste. Each session is planned carefully because I want to create photographs for you to cherish.

Baby photographs : In a studio, or in your own home?

You have a choice to have your baby photographed at home or in a photographic studio. Each is equally great, but you will have very different experiences. I suggest you read the information below to help decide which option is the best for you and your family.

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Baby photo shoot in your own home

A home baby photo shoot is very relaxing and has a natural approach to taking photographs. The types of photographs created will be very natural and timeless focusing on natural posing of your baby and family interactions. Lots of cuddles, smiles and details hat tell a story about your babies first few weeks of life.

This type of photography is called ‘Lifestyle’ photography. It involves less posing of your baby, but the photographs and your home is styled to ‘leave out any clutter or mess in the home’ that you don’t wish to have in the photographs. This is easily achieved by moving objects out of sight, things like washing baskets and clearing bedside tables. It takes no more than 5 minutes to move clutter to a position behind the camera if there is any.

When your photographer arrives, they will have a chat (most are female photographers who have had children of their own). After this, she will explore your home to find the best light. If the light isn’t great on the day your photo shoot the photographer will set up their own light in your living room.

Making your baby comfortable at home

Your baby’s portraits will be captured by laying them gently on a bean bag (brought along by your photographer) or positioned on your bed. I love how the bed shots show just how teeny your baby is! Your baby can be nude, in a babygrow or swaddled in your favourite baby blanket.

Another benefit of an at-home photoshoot is that many other things can be photographed including pets, your baby’s nursery, their special gifts, tiny clothes, everything that tells your baby’s story.

There is nothing more precious than seeing your baby asleep in their Moses basket for the first time because they look so tiny.  They are going to outgrow their little basket quite quickly so a photograph in there is great for remembering their size.

Baby photographer Bristol

For capturing parent connections I always aim to capture special moments, such as you or your partner looking into your baby’s eyes - if they are awake long enough! And knowing the flattering angles for new mums to look their best always goes down well.

Sometimes parents wonder if their home is suitable for baby photographs. Rest assured that every home is suitable, even dark homes can be lit with the photographer’s light to create studio lighting and backdrops can be brought along if needed.

A professional photographer can document your baby having a bath, breastfeeding, being comforted. These events will be recorded artistically, creating priceless photographs of your baby’s everyday life.

Baby photo shoot in a studio

Studio baby photography in Bristol will involve your baby being posed on a bean bag or basket with a variety of coloured blankets, hairbands and accessorises. Parent and baby images will be taken with a coloured background from a paper roll or a painted wall. Studios’ often have baby change facilities and a waiting area for parents with drinks and refreshments. Your photographer will spend time perfecting poses by gentle adjusting your baby whilst asleep on a special baby bean bag.

You will indeed result in some beautiful posed portrait images, but the studio is limiting for natural images of connections between parents and siblings in their own home. If capturing the essence of your baby is something that is important to you I would highly recommend a natural baby photoshoot in your home.

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Top 5 benefits for choosing a baby photo shoot in your home.

  1. Your or your baby don’t have to leave the home to travel in the early days after birth. Especially great when the weather is bad outside!
  2. Your baby will already feel safe and familiarised with your home and you will be more relaxed in your own home.
  3. Your home is a special place for your baby and can be documented in the photographs to remember your baby’s first home.
  4. If you have any pets or a recently decorated nursery they can be included in the photographs.
  5. You can feed or comfort your baby whenever you like and have everything you need to hand.
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Why Bristol parents love Lisa Victoria Photography baby photo shoots

I have photographed many babies in the past 8 years and visited the homes of many tired but happy new parents. The Love for a newborn is so amazing I just adore experiencing it as their photographer.

I can see the love in every parent’s eyes who during a photo session have that precious time to put everything on hold and focus on looking at their baby. No visitors or making bottles, running around or working- for 3 hours the focus is on looking at their baby and cuddling them whilst I capture these glances of loving eyes.

A small deposit is all that is needed on booking. No further money is due until after you have seen your photos.

Baby Slideshow

Play Video

A special newborn baby video slideshow, of your little one, can also be an option.  The use of selected photos, coupled together with some lovely music can be sure to cause a tear or two to fall in the family.

Baby photoshoot safety

It is so important when choosing a baby photographer to consider safety. Your new baby needs to be handled by a specialist Bristol photographer. Please do not let anyone else try to pose your baby unless they have been trained.

Baby photography Booking availability

You can book your newborn baby photo shoot using my online calendars below, for both babies already born, or in advance with the due date, with the exact date arranged once baby is born.

Feel free to contact me to discuss other dates/times that are not shown as available.

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Newborn baby photoshoot - May 2019

“We have just received our photos from Lisa and I can wholeheartedly say they are brilliant.

Lisa was lovely and made us feel so relaxed resulting in beautiful natural photos that will be a great keepsake for our little one. Highly recommended if you want photos that show true family life”

Have you considered a maternity photo shoot?

baby maternity photographer bristol

I'm also a specialist maternity photographer and absolutely love taking maternity photos to document the first steps of your baby's life.   I'm able to travel to you and bring the equipment and backdrops I need to produce the most flattering photographs.  Or alternatively, we can meet at any given location to create some wonderful maternity photos at your favorite spot.  I know of many locations too which are all tried & tested.

The areas I cover are primarily Bristol, Bath, North Somerset, South Gloucester & South Wales, but I also travel to locations further afield too.

Please take a look at my maternity galleries and see the styles of photographs I can offer.

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