Professional Baby Photography Bristol

Professional Bristol Baby Photographer explains why she prefers Lifestyle Newborn photography

Bristol baby Photographer

Bristol’s professional baby photographer explains why the lifestyle approach to photographing your baby is so good.

What would you like to remember about your newborn and those first early days after you bring them home from hospital? It is more than likely to be the tiny features and delicate details, your babies amazingly soft skin and gentle facial expressions. The smallness of your little one, their curled up foetal like sleeping positions? The sheer love in a parents’ eyes as they adore their precious new baby?

At home, your home, you will be able to invite a photographer, to come and document these early moments.  Your baby’s nursery can be photographed, special gifts, tiny clothes, everything that tells your story. There is nothing more precious than seeing your baby sleep in their moses basket for the first time- they always look so tiny.  Before long they outgrow their little basket, so please capture this photograph early on.

You can choose to document your baby having a bath, breastfeeding, being comforted; everything that you do at home in those early days by a professional photographer. A professional photographer can record these events artistically creating images that are priceless documenting the beauty in everyday life.


Bristol baby Photographer

How do I select a photographer?

The best way to select your photographer is to view their portfolio of images and check their reviews. Word of mouth is an excellent way also. When viewing their portfolios make sure the photographer produces photographs you love. You will be investing time and money into this photoshoot so it is important to choose someone whose work you love over cost.

Here at Lisa Victoria Photography sessions are tailored to suit your families tastes and each session planned carefully.

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