Natural Maternity Photoshoot

The most natural maternity photo shoot for pregnant women throughout Bristol and Bath.

With this relaxed photo shoot the female photographer travels to your home. It is totally bespoke and planned to your taste.

A pregnancy photoshoot in your home has so many benefits. You can comfortably change into different outfits. Include your partner for some photographs (great if they are working from home to call them out for 10 minutes). Rest whenever you need and have refreshments!

Many couples are in the middle of redecorating during pregnancy or renovating. This really isn’t a problem for home photoshoots.  I would say roughly 80 percent of my maternity clients are having house work done. You just need the main bedroom or living room available. If you don’t have a blank wall I can bring a backdrop. Also to create an empty de-cluttered room you will be amazed and what can be hidden under the bed! Just removing items from your bedside tables makes a huge difference too.

You may have the nursery ready and it is so lovely to get a photograph of you in the babies nursery looking at their cot or their new clothes and teddies.

what are the best clothes to wear for a maternity photo shoot?

I have advice guides to help you to select your clothing when you book. I also have a few specialist maternity garments which I bring a long to every photo session.

How long does it take to get the best pregnancy photos?

1 hour is the perfect time to capture a variety of different images for you to cherish.

Book Your Maternity photo session

If you would like to book a maternity photography session or ask some questions, I would love to hear from you today, I often combine 2 styles of maternity photography in my photo shoots. Clients love the option of natural photographs plus some maternity art.

Lisa x

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