Natural Newborn Photography in Bristol by Lisa Victoria Photography

Natural Newborn Photography for mums in Bristol and surrounding areas

Natural newborn photography is taken in your own home. Studio newborn photography in Bristol will involve your baby being posed on a bean bag with a variety of coloured blankets, hairbands and accessorises. Parent and baby images will be taken with a coloured background from a paper roll or a painted wall. You will indeed result with some beautiful images but the studio is limiting for natural images of connections between parents and siblings in their own home. If capturing the essence of your newborn  is something that is important to you I would highly recommend Natural Newborn Photography in your home.

Lisa believes Your baby is beautiful enough, and they don’t need posing; she will lay them in their crib, Moses basket or on your bed and take photos in more natural positions. Your baby wrapped snug in a new soft blanket is one of my favourite images. I always aim to capture you or your partner looking into babies eyes– If they are awake long enough!

I often get asked ‘Is My home suitable for natural newborn photography? It is small and dark will this be okay?’

My answer is Yes, It will be absolutely  fine because I use a mixture of Natural and Strobe lighting so I can take photographs practically anywhere!


natural newborn photography Bristol

Would you like to know the difference between Natural Newborn Photography in Bristol,and studio newborn photography?

Lisa Victoria is renowned for her Natural newborn photography in Bristol. Her style is known as ‘Lifestyle photography’ which focuses on capturing the realness of life. When selecting your own Bristol newborn photographer first look at their portfolios of work.  Try and recognise their style; is it natural or posed? Images produced by lifestyle photographers are far more memorable and real in relation to your newborn’s life.

natural newborn photography Bristol

Nursery details

Natural home setting

Capture the natural, real life of your newborn with Bristol's natural newborn Photographer

‘Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory’


  • Newborns develop and grow so quickly and the best time to arrange a photo session is from 5 days to 14 weeks.
  • Lisa is a specialist in Natural Newborn photography in Bristol, and that is why her clients love her.
  • The photographer comes to your home in Bristol, Portishead, Bath and surrounding areas and takes photos in your own surroundings.
  • The most common areas for photos to be taken are the baby’s nursery, family bedroom and living room. This is so important for the comfort of the whole family and especially if you have other children already.
  • One of the benefits of a home session is to be able to document your baby in their nursery. A room that I am sure you have so longingly prepared.

Why do my Bristol and Bath clients love their newborn sessions?

I have photographed many babies in 2016 and been invited into the homes of many tired but happy new parents. The Love for a newborn is so amazing I just adore experiencing it as their photographer. I can see the love in every parent’s eyes who during a photo session have that precious time to put everything on hold and focus on looking at their baby. No visitors or making bottles, running around or working- for 3 hours the focus is on looking at their baby and cuddling them whilst the photographer captures these glances of loving eyes.

If you desire Natural Newborn Photography please contact me now and book as early as you can, even when you are pregnant. You may or may not have considered Maternity photographs- this is also a very special time and I urge you to at least take a look and consider having a Maternity photography session.

A £50 session fee is all that is needed on booking. No further money is due until after you have seen your photos. Book Lisa Victoria Photography in home newborn session by clicking on the contact link below. (You can also find out about maternity sessions)

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