Milk bath photography

For the most beautiful maternity photos capture your pregnancy with a unique, maternity milk bath.

How does a milk bath photography work?

It really is as simple as it sounds. We run a warm bath and add milk to create the white colour. The milk makes the water colour less transparent and this allows you to keep your dignity as we focus on photographing your bump.

Which flowers work best in milk bath photos?

The best flowers in milk bath maternity photos are the ones the client has chosen them self. All flowers produce different results and there really is no right or wrong choice. By selecting your own flowers this makes your photo shoot more meaningful.  Decide on colours that you love or may be seasonal to the time of year of your pregnancy. It is also best to try and keep to a colour palette and not select more than 3 colours.

What can I wear for my maternity milk bath photos?

The photographer provides the lace gown shown in the photographs. It is available to wear in 2 sizes that are easily adjustable to fit all.

Where do you take the photographs? Can I use my own bathroom?

Most of the time clients have used their own bathrooms. If you are unsure if your bathroom is suitable for milk bath photos, please contact Lisa for a chat. Some clients have also booked hotel rooms for their maternity photoshoot.

Maternity Price Frame


The maternity photography package includes prints and digital images

[icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  1-2 Hour photoshoot in your own home or studio

[icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  A set of 25 photographs presented on a USB

[icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  A portfolio box with 5 mounted 7×5 images

Book Your Maternity Milk Bath photo session

If you would like to book a maternity photo session or ask some questions, I would love to hear from you today, I usually combine natural photographs with a milk bath photo shoot.

Lisa x

You can also book mother and baby milk bath photography sessions. They are so pretty and fun, babies love baths as we all know.  You can contact Lisa today to view more galleries or ask questions. From birth to 6 months is my recommended age but toddlers can also be involved in these types of photography session.

mummy and me milk bath photo
mummy and me milk bath photo
baby milk bath photos
milk bath photos