Why I capture the L O V E in my Family photographs

What are your most memorable images of your family?

Bristol Mum Sarah is a dear friend, I have photographed her children and family on many occasions. I was intrigued into which have been her most memorable and cherished photographs I had taken for her. She said the ones that show a connection between her children and family. Namely the image above I took of Sarah having a quiet moment alone with her 3rd baby whilst the older, lively, fun sisters were playing downstairs. This image is one of my favourites that I try to capture on every newborn photography home session. I cannot think of a more poignant image where a baby shows their love more than with a gaze into their parents’ eyes; they have this special look at their parents that is oozing with love and I see it…….I feel so privileged as a photographer to witness LOVE during every session. That is what makes my job so special, That is why I am a Family photographer. (I also get to cuddle newborns every week of the year- ensuring I don’t get broody to attempt baby number 3 myself).

L  O  V  E

 capture the Love in a photograph with Bristol Family Photographer Lisa

Love of a new baby with their daddy, mummy, brother or sister. Photographs of toes, tummy’s and teeny fingers, all of the details that we don’t want to forget.

Why do my Bristol and Bath clients love their newborn sessions?

I have photographed many babies in 2016 and been invited into the homes of many tired but happy new parents. The Love for a newborn is so amazing I just adore experiencing it as their photographer. I can see the love in every parent’s eyes who during a photo session have that precious time to put everything on hold and focus on looking at their baby. No visitors or making bottles, running around or working- for 3 hours the focus is on looking at their baby and cuddling them whilst the photographer captures these glances of loving eyes.

lisa victoria photography baby family photographer
lisa victoria photography baby family photographer

Which are My treasured Family photographs?

If I had to choose, it’s the photos of my daughters connected. Sisters are amazing to watch, such Love, such fun, they would do anything for each other and can become so defensive if either is is any way threatened or hurt. I remember many many things they do together but I know I won’t always remember those little fleeting moments, a quick cuddle or kiss, giggles and cheeky looks at each other-That is what I love to see on my walls at home everyday. I walk past the photos in my home and they make me smile. Everyday I see the photos shown above in my kitchen.

I wake up to a family photo and each day I wish I printed more and had more wall space. It takes time to select images for wall art and something I don’t spend enough time doing and updating my home walls.

lisa victoria photography baby family photographer
I can't wait to capture a photograph of your family relationships

This year I am keen to show samples to families and encourage everyone to print print print. I am teamed up with a Zenfolio account that enables clients to print from their galleries. This year I will be helping clients to make it easier to select options for their homes and plan to bring samples along to sessions. There is no hard sell I just simply want everyone to experience the joy daily of looking at their beautiful photos of their family.