Top 3 bluebell woods near Bristol for Photographers

Top 3 locations to photograph Bluebells in Bristol

One of the UK’s most breathtaking natural spectacles is the carpets of bluebells that bloom throughout Britain’s ancient woodlands in spring.

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Top 3 locations to photograph Bluebells in Bristol

Bristol has some of the finest bluebell woods in the country.  A spectacle not to miss at the end of April every year reaching in to May. The perfect time to plan for your Bristol bluebell photoshoot.

As a professional family photographer and lover of bluebells,  Lisa has been photographing around Bristol and Bath the past few years to find the best spots for you to visit with your family. She has selected her TOP 3 in this Blog.

Lisa is absolutely thrilled with the photography outcomes, and the families are too. The colours are so vibrant and uplifting and make a wonderful background to all images.

You can achieve light and airy images throughout the day in full sun.  If you prefer richer colours photograph the bluebells early morning or late evening just before the sun sets.

Priors Wood bluebells

1. Priors Wood - Portbury/Easton in Gordano

The bluebell displays at Prior’s Wood are one of the best in the region. The location has easy access, making it a perfect location for a Bristol  bluebell photo shoot; Especially important if you have young children who can’t walk too far.

There are a few places to approach the woods from with street car parking and off road parking at Charlton House. For photoshoots I use a secluded spot with its entrance from Wraxall at Charlton House. There is car parking for approximately 10 cars and it is very close to the woods with just one field of cows to pass before you enter the woods through a ‘kissing gate’. Access is easy for all levels and disabilities with a variety of paths to follow. A map is available at all entrances on a wooden board; it marks where the bluebells will be within the woods.

Bluebells are a unique part of British flora and remain one of the best free shows on offer. Up to half of the world’s bluebells grow in Britain, making it one of Britain’s most important natural species.

For more information please visit the Avon wildlfe trust.

Bluebell Wood Photo Shoot

2. Paradise Bottom

Paradise bottom is part of Leigh Woods Bristol. It is a quieter part of the woods and you have quick and easy access from the car park to the bluebells. Parking is limited by the entrance in comparison to the main entrances.

At Paradise Bottom you will find a small stream, pools and a pond that reminds me of Monet’s water lilies. There is a nice little bench to sit and ponder whilst looking at the pond. The path is flat and suitable for bikes and sturdy pushchairs. The bluebells can be found on the banks of the path at various places.

You can book a Family Bluebell Photo shoot at this Bristol location.

Paradise Bottom bluebells bristol

3. King’s Wood and Urchin Wood between Cleeve and Wrington

This stretch of bluebells is noticeable from the road as you drive from Cleeve to Wrington. Kings Wood and Urchin Wood are designated protected areas for the bluebells.

Try roads: Brockley Combe Road, Cleeve Hill Road and Wrington Hill.

Bluebell Wood Photo Shoot

What colour clothing is best to wear for a BLUEBELL Photoshoot?

I really recommend taking the time to plan your families clothing for a bluebell photography session, to get the best images for your family.

For an outdoor bluebell session you can choose to either wear subtle colours that are similar to the colours of the woods or pastel colours OR  striking and contrasting colours (these are the colours opposite to the colours found in the woods). You will probably know already if you are a person who loves strong bold colours or subtle accents. Also take a look at my examples in this Blog to help you plan.

Plain clothing is best with small details rather than patterned clothing, you can find colour suggestions on my pinterest board HERE

Try and pick the whole family colour scheme based around one or 2 colours maximum:

SUBTLE COLOURS: creams, pastel pink, white, pale blue, lilac, tan, light brown.

STRIKING COLOURS: Bright Yellow, Bright Purple, Deep blue/navy, Peachy Orange.

Little accents of colour can also be added with hairbands, hats and accessories such as a toy aeroplane or wands.

When are the Bluebells at their peak?

The bluebells start to appear in patches around the beginning of March and peak towards the end when I most enjoy photographing them. Each year the dates can be different based on the weather and location. The bluebell patches with the most sunlight appear first so do consider this when walking in bluebell woods.

At either of the bluebell woods you can have your very own photoshoot with your family with Lisa Victoria Photography. 

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