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Preserve your baby's precious moments with a professional baby photographer in Chepstow

When it comes to photographing babies, there is no one better suited for the task than a professional Chepstow baby photographer. A professional knows how to get the best shots of your newborn baby, while keeping them safe and happy.

Chepstow professional baby photographers have the necessary equipment and skills to take natural, beautiful photographs of your newborn baby, in your own home.

What to expect when hiring a professional baby photographer

One great advantage of hiring a professional photographer is that you can be sure the photos will be amazing. Choose a photographer that has years of experience and knows how to capture the perfect portraits and  storytelling photographs of your baby.

When photographing a baby there are a few things that the photographer will want to take into account. Most importantly is the safety of the baby and ease for parents. Your photographer is very used to working with and photographing siblings and pets alongside newborn babies.

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Where do you take the photographs, do you have a studio in Chepstow?

Chepstow baby photographer Lisa Victoria, says the best place for a photoshoot is in your home. Natural baby photographs are much nicer not taken in a studio. You will get a far greater set of storytelling images taken in your own home.

Your baby is photographed in its own environment with minimal props and styling. This is much more comfortable for you not having to leave the home in the early days after your baby is born. Pets and siblings can all be included in the photographs when you have an at-home baby photoshoot. Your home and little details like gifts, nursery, and your own blankets, will all help in telling the story of your newborn's early days in your family.

The photographer brings along a posing beanbag for your baby portraits or we can use your bed. If you have moved home or are decorating, don't worry- Yoru photographer knows how to hide things and choose the best spots for photographs. If your natural light isn't great on the day of your photoshoot the photographer will use their lighting to get that lovely soft shadow look that is so natural.

baby photographer Chepstow

Natural and timeless newborn baby photographs

Capturing the natural beauty of a newborn baby can be done with black and white photography. There is something about the simplicity of the images that brings out the emotion of the love and feelings for your new baby. In order to capture natural baby photographs I like to keep things simple. For your baby photoshoot, I won't use use too many props or accessories, and let the baby be photographed in their own environment.

I aim to capture genuine expressions and moments for you; I never force the baby into uncomfortable positions or poses.

How and when do I book my baby photoshoot?

You can book your newborn photoshoot when you are pregnant or once your baby is born. Many parents choose to book beforehand so they don't have to arrange things once they are tired new parents! You will also be guaranteed a space for newborn photographs, Some months can get fully booked, especially September to December.

Book a date 2 weeks after your due date, it can be changed no problem once your baby arrives. Sessions are kept aside for pre-booked clients to enable changes.

Your preferences for the style of photographs are always taken into acount.

If there are any specific props or accessories you would like photographed, the photographer can incorporate these into the shoot.

In our digital age, family photographs have taken on a whole new level of importance. They are no longer simply prints that sit in an album or frames on a wall, but rather they are cherished memories that are kept safe and accessible online. And as we all know, those memories are irreplaceable.

So what is the value of family photographs? Quite simply, they are priceless. They capture moments in time that can never be recaptured, and they provide a link to our past that can never be broken. In addition, they can be a source of comfort and inspiration in difficult times.

For many families, photographs are the only physical evidence of their ancestors' existence. So it's not surprising that family photograph albums have become prized possessions, often passed down from one generation to the next.

What is it like during the baby photoshoot?

Here are the many questions that you may even be thinking about yourself.

 Can I feed my baby? What if they cry? What if my baby doesn’t sleep? If my baby has baby acne can I reschedule? Can I include parent photos, siblings and pets?

What if my baby cries during the photoshoot? This is a common question that parents have when they are planning their newborn’s first professional photos. The good news is that most babies will cry at some point during their photoshoot- it’s completely normal. However, there are a few things you can do to help make the experience go as smoothly as possible.

First, be sure to feed and change your baby before the shoot. This will help ensure that they are well-rested and comfortable. If your baby does start to cry, try not to panic. Most photographers have experience dealing with crying infants and will know how to soothe them. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to take a break and feed or change your baby.

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Baby sleep and your photoshoot

Never worry about your baby and sleep during a photoshoot with Lisa Victoria Photography. Morning is always best time for the photo shoot,  parents are less tired and babies are generally less fussy. During the 2-3 hour photoshoot your baby is likely to feed, cry, sleep, nappy change etc. It is so easy being in your home with everything to hand. Plus, you have a baby photographer, with over 10 years of baby experience to lend a hand!

Pets and your baby photoshoot

Chepstow newborn baby photography

When it comes to newborn photo shoots, many parents want to include their furry friends in the photos. After all, who doesn't love a good photo of a baby and their pet? The big question is, can you have pets in the photos with your baby and siblings?

The answer is yes, you can have pets in the photos with your baby and siblings, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that your pets are well-behaved and know how to behave around babies. Second, make sure that any props or backdrops you use are pet-friendly. Finally, be prepared for some extra cleanup after the shoot!

Including pets in newborn photos is a great way to capture the joy of family life. Pets bring so much happiness to families and they make perfect additions to newborn photos.

Chepstow newborn baby photography

Baby acne, toddler cuts & bruises!

There is no need to worry if your baby has a breakout before their photoshoot. You can always reschedule your photoshoot if necessary. The editing process can remove individual spots. Cuts etc. I only remove non-permanent marks and keep your baby photographs as natural as possible.

Toddlers always manage to have a little cut or scrape or bruise bump (these can be edited from your photos no problem at all)

Feeding your baby during the photoshoot

Many mothers worry about how they will be able to feed their baby during a photoshoot. The good news is that both breast feeding and bottle feeding are possible during a photoshoot. If you are breast feeding, make sure you have a comfortable place to sit and plenty of water and snacks for yourself. If you are bottle feeding, make sure you have enough formula or milk, as well as bottles and nipples that fit your baby. Be prepared for your baby to get hungry during the shoot, so have food and drinks ready for them. Most importantly, relax and enjoy your time with your baby!

Baby photography Booking availability

If you're looking for beautiful photos of your little one, consider hiring a professional baby photographer. You won't be disappointed!

Lisa lives on the outskirts of Bristol and travels to Chepstow for photoshoots. Get in touch if you’d like more information or would like to book.

Chepstow newborn baby photography
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Newborn baby photoshoot - May 2019

“We have just received our photos from Lisa and I can wholeheartedly say they are brilliant.

Lisa was lovely and made us feel so relaxed resulting in beautiful natural photos that will be a great keepsake for our little one. Highly recommended if you want photos that show true family life”

Have you considered a maternity photo shoot?

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I'm also a specialist maternity photographer and absolutely love taking maternity photos to document the first steps of your baby's life.   I'm able to travel to you and bring the equipment and backdrops I need to produce the most flattering photographs.  Or alternatively, we can meet at any given location to create some wonderful maternity photos at your favorite spot.  I know of many locations too which are all tried & tested.

The areas I cover are primarily Bristol, Bath, North Somerset, South Gloucester & South Wales, but I also travel to locations further afield too.

Please take a look at my maternity galleries and see the styles of photographs I can offer.

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