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Bristol Newborn Photographer

Having a Newborn baby is a magical moment. You may not realise just how much until you see your baby for the first time. Photography enables us to capture these special moments to remember forever, so it’s important to take your time and pick a Bristol newborn photographer that is right for you.

bristol newborn photographer

Booking a Bristol newborn photographer

If you’re having your first baby, you may not realise how little time you’re about to have after the birth.
Making an appointment for a photographer prior to the due date really does give you some peace of mind, and allows you to concentrate on other things, like enjoying time with your newborn baby; and that is priceless!

The best time for photographing a newborn baby is within the first 2 weeks after birth. Newborn babies tend to be less activate in these 2 weeks, and whilst sleeping, are often curled up how they were positioned in the womb.

Provisional appointments are usually scheduled one week after your due date and then confirmed once the baby arrives.

bristol newborn photographer

Taking that first professional family photo

Within the first two weeks after your newborn babies birth, your partner is more likely to be on paternity leave and be available to have some of those amazing first family photographs taken; which may not be possible afterwards if less time available. It’s always wise to book in advance for a date within these 2 weeks.

bristol newborn photographer

Photographs in the comfort of your own home

Imagine having a newborn baby photo session at home, in your babies’ nursery, capturing all of the little special touches you have spent time preparing for your little one.

The main benefit is you will have natural images that include your surroundings and babies nursery, with no stress of having to leave your home or the baby and yourself becoming unsettled in unfamiliar surroundings.

bristol newborn photographer

Macro images, family photographs and the right light

The tiniest toes and hands are something to be remembered forever, and so are your first moments as a family. A professional Bristol newborn baby photographer would be able to capture a range of natural and artistic images in your very own home. With the right professional equipment, and newborn photography experience, any shot is possible. Even with poor natural lighting the photographer can enhance the photos with editing software afterwards.

bristol newborn photographer

Why book a specialist Newborn photographer?

It’s hard to remember just how tiny your newborn was without photos to remind you for years to come. A creative and experienced Bristol newborn photographer that takes time to consult with you and discuss the style of photos you would like, has experience in setting up for the best light, capturing flattering and soft images of you and your newborn.

With experience also comes safety; handling of your newborn should only be done by a trained professional photographer with the correct level of knowledge & insurance, allowing you to relax knowing the photo shoot and your baby is in safe hands.

Video image slideshow

A special newborn baby video image slideshow of your little one can also be an option. The use of selected photos coupled together with some lovely music can be sure to cause and tear or two to fall in the family.